• Why Gold?
       A: Gold is at historically high prices. 

  • Why Silver?
       A: Although Silver is not at historic high, it has better money making potential then Gold for investment             purposes.

  • Why Platinum?
       A: Platinum is priced right between Gold and Silver with a usual trend of being of higher value to gold.

  • What is Gold Bullion?
       A: Gold bullion is .999% or 24kt and comes in many forms such as rounds, square, triangle and range in
           size from 1/10th all the way to pounds in ingot form, as well as coins.

  • What is Silver Bullion?
       A: Gold & Silver are considered bullion when in coin or bar form. 
  • How do I Buy Gold Bullion? 
       A: There are many reasons to buy gold or silver, it is a great way to diversify your portfolio. 

  • How do I buy Silver Bullion?
       A: Schedule a hassle free appointment with on of our representatives.

  • ​How to get cash today?
​       A: Schdule your appointment, or just stop by the store. Our process is easy, fast, and convienant. 

     •What is the price of Gold---What Is the price of Silver.
       A: Visit our home page to find out today's spot price per troy ounce of gold or silver. ​

We are always happy to help you and will gladly answer any questions you may have. 
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